Sunday, December 30, 2007

Salsa rojo ... and still lusting for Mexico :)

The aftereffects of the trip down south are pretty clear - especially the impact on the palate! We miss our street taco guy, have dreams about tamarind margaritas, veracruz fish, salsa verde y rojo. And every once in a while, the smell of queso fundido seems to waft through the air ... *sigh*.

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands, after all we had a new mexican cookbook, right? So, we cooked up this flash-fried fish - turned out too dry. Never been a fan of fried fish, never want to eat it again! We also tried out this new red salsa recipe - we followed the recipe pretty closely and used 2 juicy off-the-vine tomatoes, but the salsa seemed too "tomato-ey". So, we ended up adding some onions and it seemed too oniony (for me atleast). We used a combination of ancho and pasilla peppers and the spice flavours turned out great, but the base sauce needs some work, so I'm not posting that recipe just yet :)

We did get a cool picture, so that goes here - just so we will remember to work on this recipe till it is perfect!

So, we'll keep trying to recreate those flavours - our next attempt is going to be fish veracruz-style, I'm a lot more confident of nailing that one :)


Sig said...

tamarind margarita, now there is an idea... :) I will get to work on that one ;)... The picture looks great, I'm sure you will sort out the kinks soon...:)

Namratha said...

Nice pic!! And I know what you mean by missing all this stuff, you went right to the heart of the Mexican kingdom so its justified... me...on the other hand missed all the Mexican food when we came back from New Mexico!! [:D]