Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yay! Dosas!

Dosas always make me happy. Very happy! And this time, they made Stephanie & Shawn super happy too! They were long overdue for a south indian food tasting, so the makings were pretty traditional. Figured I'd go with a chutney, sambar and some veggies.

The chutney was super simple, and turned out awesome! I just blended a bunch of cilantro, bengal gram, couple of green chillies and seasoned it with lemon-ginger juice and salt. Yummy!

sambar was a little different - no coconut this time since Stephanie is not a fan of it. No onions either. So, it was a simple broccoli sambar. I love the earthy texture and flavor that coconut lends to the sambar spices, so I figured I needed some other flavor to compensate for it - I went with some pureed tomatoes instead. It turned out pretty good!

The highlight though was the grilled sunburst squash. I just chopped up the squash and marinated it for about 15 minutes in a lemon-ginger-garlic-olive oil marinade before grilling the bits. The flavors were fabulous! The
Ballard and Redmond farmers markets have been carrying some awesome squashes this summer - am truly going to miss the sunbursts (along with the sunshine!) when summer is gone :(

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meeso said...

Yummy...I am a big lover of the dosa!