Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Can 7 words be enough?

Open a bottle of wine. And let it open up :)

Swirl, smell, sip, savour, swallow ... and finally get around to describing it. IN JUST SEVEN WORDS!!!

You got to be kidding me! We usually swirl...swallow and screw up our faces and spend the next many many minutes talking about how it tastes. And we don't even know what the hell we're talking about. Yeeaahhh ... I can taste the tannins, sort of ... wait, berries? cherries? leather? Whatever! Our noses are more nostalgia-driven than anything else - a fabulous sip or gulp often flashes back to some crazy memory, a place we visited, some familiar smell from childhood, or some food we enjoyed, early spring, late fall, basically anything - *so* much of fun!

And now, with Wine Blogging Wednesday, Senor Spittoon threw out a novel challenge - he wanted us to taste an Italian Red and describe it in 7 words - no more, no less!

One thing we learned - nothing as cool as a discarded envelope to get our word juices flowing :)

Our very own vino almost-haiku :)


sra said...

Really nice post, and I liked the result.

Swaroopa said...

cool post...enjoyed reading it..

vimmi said...

great seven words to describe it. could see ur brain storming ideas/

Superchef said...

dint know 7 words can be ebough!! :)

Cynthia said...

I like!